Real Estate & Property Law

Advice on buying or selling your property

Transfer of property into another name

Andalucía holiday rental law

Bank and insurance guarantees

Executing a power of attorney

Deed of dissolution of joint property ownership

Guide to buying property

Legalisation of property

Rural Property matters


Transfer of legal title of real property

 Granting of an encumbrance such as a mortgage or a lien.


Personal & Family Law

Divorce, Child custody

Preparing a Spanish last will and testament

Inheritance and Probate

Tax Advice

Taxation for non-residents

Accounting services

Property tax

Chartered Accountant


Residence and visa: work, investor 

NIE’s applications

Spanish Act 14/2013 of support to foreing entrepeneurs


Criminal matters: Criminal complaint, Criminal Charge, criminal lawsuit, , Minor Traffic Offences etc…

Civil matters: Debt Recoveries, Enforcements, claims, inheritance procedure, etc…

Company & Commercial matters

Set up Spanish company

Incorporating Spanish companies

Responsibilities of acting as Administrator

Mergers & acquisitions& Setting up a local branch

Purchase & Sale of a Spanish business

Meetings, Drafting and reviewing  mercantile contracts

Accountancy & taxation advice

Undertaking due diligence studies


Partnerships & joint venture arrangements

Meetings, Drafting and reviewing  interantional mercantile contracts